The Bearded Chap

The Bearded Chap established itself into the market in early 2013, as Australia's first beard grooming product company with the launch of their Original Beard Oil which is now recognised all over the world.

Today we have customers in over 50+ countries around the world and barbers and retailers across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and the USA. The Bearded Chap is now one of a handful of global companies that is fully vertically integrated. We manufacturer and produce our Luxury Men's Grooming Products on site at our 900sm factory in Morningside, Brisbane. Producing luxury Hair, Beard and Body products for men.

Our focus has always been on creating the highest quality luxury male grooming products. Our products are hand crafted from natural locally sourced ingredients. This attention to quality and craftsmanship has led to our products being recognised and awarded on an international level and used daily by barbers, salons and men, around the world.

We want our customers to look and feel their best selves, so they can be ready to go out into the world with confidence to achieve their dreams. If our customers feel like this after using our products, we’ve done our job. It is not enough for us to have traditional well-crafted grooming products that work. We want our customers to be their best selves everyday, and that means making them feel their best by using our products to keep their hair, beard and body looking sharp!


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